• May 22, 2019

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  • PA Convention Center Ground Safety
    Posted On: Dec 20, 2016

    Ground Safety at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

    1. Proper attire; Hard hat ,safety toe boots, gloves, High visible vest and flag.

    1. Before using the high reach, text yourself the serial # of the machine. Check your equipment thoroughly. Check should include but not be limited to: hydraulic lines, cylinders, welds, tires, charging system, chassis, etc....if something looks wrong it probably is. If something is wrong report it to your foreman.

    1. No one operates the equipment without a harness or ground man, NO EXCEPTIONS

    1. No one is permitted under the basket or boom at anytime. Keep the chassis clear before and during operation.

    1. When your equipment is in use you are the eyes and ears for the operators in the basket. This means you are to be aware of your surroundings 100% all the time. There are many hazards around you, fellow workers, other personal, forklifts, electric carts, tools, extension cords, exhibitors materials etc. These hazards offer no warnings.

    1. While the equipment is in use check for leaks, loud noises , bangs and things of that nature. A machine may not show any symptoms until it's in use. If anything looks or sounds wrong it probably is. Be sure to write it down and report it to your foreman.

    1. Before moving from point to point on the exhibit floor make sure everything is secure. Always take the safest route. Be sure to use your flag and your voice to make people aware your there. You'll be surprised how your machine may go unnoticed to men and women performing their work.

    1. You should know your basic knots including but not limited to the Clove Hitch and a Bowline. You never know when you may be needed to tie something off for your operator who is in the air.

    1. A Ground Safety Person is not a neck down position. It takes your full undivided attention and awareness throughout the work day. Look out for yourself. You can easily put yourself and others in harms way. Know your outs. Never put yourself in a pinch point or in a corner this equipment has no mercy.

    1. At the end of day be sure that your equipment is parked in a safe way, close to an outlet, so that it gets a full nights charge. Never leave the key in the machine. If you are doing a put out, be sure to ask your Foreman where the machine should be parked. Always use the wheel chocks. Report any issues that the machine may have along with the serial # to the Foreman.


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